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Mr Leroy Brown update

Mr Leroy Brown, the dog.

An update on this beautiful boy, Mr Leroy Brown, who we introduced upon his arrival in October last year. (Apologies for the delay—it’s been slightly busy around here!)

Mr Brown has settled in well. As an ex-working dog, he relishes time inside on the comfy dog bed. He makes his way inside at every opportunity, jumping on the bed before Ebony can get there. He loves lying there in the winter sunshine.

“So, Mr Brown, what are your favourite things at Old Beach Berries?”

“The chickens are good fun. Even though I spend hours trying to round them up, all they do is look at me and walk past.”

“I’m not saying I am too sexy for my shirt, but I do get my fair share of pats, scratches and lurve from my many admirers.”

“How do you get on with Tiger Tim, the cat?”

“We have settled our early differences and I now know my place. Ebony is my bestie. We hunt for hidden chook eggs, and I bark at her as she chases a ball. She has started to skip and dance again, playing like a puppy.”

“I do have my virtues and my vices. But people just need to learn sometimes—why would you leave food on the bench anyway? And if Tiger Tim wanted his food, he would have eaten it.”