Please note: orders placed on our website are for pick-up at the farm (delivery can be arranged depending on location).

Frequently asked questions

When is the farm open?

We are open every day over the fresh berry season, January to mid-March.

Off-season, we are open on Friday afternoons and from 8am to late on Saturdays.

If you are passing and the gate is open, feel free to come in.

What if there is nobody in the farm shop?

Sometimes we are working in the back paddock. Beep your horn or call us on 0428 858 761.

Do you deliver?

We are more than happy to drop your order if it works in with our off-farm work travel. Get in touch and we'll try and work it out.

Can I nominate a day or time to pick up my order at the farm?

Yes! If you put in an online order, please add any details to the box labelled “Add a note to your order” on the shopping cart page.

How are your berries grown?

We grow our berries without the use of any herbicides or pesticides.

What blueberries do you grow?

We grow two varieties of blueberries:

  • Brigittas, our main crop. These are large sweet pale berries with a beautiful taste.
  • Elliots, our late-cropping berry; a firm berry with a robust flavour.

Both varieties are ideal for eating fresh and for freezing.

When does the berry season start?

The Brigittas ripen over January to February and the Elliotts fruit in late January / early February.

There are seasonal variations depending on the weather conditions and the impact of climate change.

Can we pick our own berries?

Yes, we have pick-your-own days in January and February. The 2024 pick-your-own blueberries season has concluded. Pick-your-own blueberries will be back in early 2025!

Should we wash our blueberries before eating them?

Blueberries have a protective coating (called the bloom) and do not need to be washed.

If you really do want to wash them, do so just before eating.

How do we store blueberries?

Keep them in an open container in the fridge.

If you freeze your fresh blueberries quickly, they will freeze as individual berries.

Hide them somewhere where no-one else can find them!

Are your chickens free range?

Yes, they have a chicken run next to our veggie garden.

Who’s the good looking bloke in the blue trousers?